200 millions in real estate investments planned in three Quebec cities!

From our family, to your family! The Verdier family has always been able to surround itself with people it can trust, including a group of qualified partners specialized in various real estate fields. With partners from all over Quebec, achieving the development of various real estate investment projects will allow you, your children or your […]

The 3 generations of Verdier reunited in Mirabel in the summer of 2023!

Let’s go back to 1999… For nearly 100 years, the Verdier family has left its mark on real estate development. Most of the family members have made their mark and are active in real estate, each in their own niche. In the summer of 2023, the three head offices of three generations of Verdiers will […]

Real estate investment in Quebec; a safe way to beautify tomorrow

How to improve your financial health? It’s important throughout your life, but don’t forget your old age, right? Whether you’re a single person or a couple, with or without children or grandchildren… By investing now, you’re creating your future and here’s why. The solution? Verdier Heritage Solutions ! The Verdier family has been involved in […]

Real estate investment in Quebec, a safe inheritance!

For more than 100 years, the Verdier family has left its mark in Quebec, from generation to generation. With its excellent human capital, Verdier Heritage Solutions is above all a story of united family, partnership and mutual support. “The family is a wealth to be cherished and preserved – André Verdier Network of human partners; […]

How to enhance your heritage?

verdierheritagesolutions.com Verdier Heritage Solutions is first and foremost a desire to share knowledge and to help people who are faced with a family succession situation. Giving during one’s lifetime is a winning legacy that brings many advantages, both in terms of simplifying the lives of future heirs and for the investor’s invested capital. Valuing real […]