The 3 generations of Verdier reunited in Mirabel in the summer of 2023!

Let’s go back to 1999…

For nearly 100 years, the Verdier family has left its mark on real estate development. Most of the family members have made their mark and are active in real estate, each in their own niche. In the summer of 2023, the three head offices of three generations of Verdiers will be reunited in Mirabel: Verdier Heritage Solutions, presided over by André Verdier (2nd generation), Verdier Capital Inc. presided over by Éric Verdier (3rd generation), and JR Verdier, presided over jointly by Raphaël Verdier and Jordan Verdier (4th generation)

Éric Verdier, President of Verdier Capital Inc.

“Not to complicate what is simple, to privilege the human aspect of the management by a personal touch that favors direct and comfortable contacts, it is the least of things… but it is also the most important”.

– Éric Verdier

The story behind the development of Highway 15 exit in Mirabel

In 1999, Guylain Verdier, son of Jean-Louis Verdier, established Groupe immobilier Verdier, a private company, whose impact in residential and commercial real estate development was felt after only a few years.

The acquisition of Exit 31 of Highway 15 in Mirabel was one of the first official projects of Groupe immobilier Verdier, a very large-scale project developed in partnership with Éric Verdier and Henry Mestdagh, a Belgian partner. The acquisition of just over one million square feet of land was completed in 1999, when there was no commercial development on the site. They proceeded to purchase all of the land on the east side of Exit 31 of Highway 15.

Note that the Mestdagh family and the Verdier family have carried out several projects in partnership for over 40 years!

Les Rôtisseries Saint-Hubert was the first to set up its banner on one of the lots, followed by McDonald’s, Tim Hortons, 2 gas stations and many other recognized banners over the years.

With this large-scale development, the Verdier family has inevitably contributed greatly to the development and influence of Mirabel and, by the same token, to the creation of many jobs. To this day, one of the streets in the area proudly bears the name Verdier.

JR Verdier

In June 2021, the only undeveloped land within the Mirabel project was purchased by a company created by Raphaël Verdier and Jordan Verdier / JR Verdier.

To date, the entire project has been almost completely developed and only one piece of land remains available for development on this strategic site, given its high visibility and accessibility.

From generation to generation!

The passion for real estate in the family has continued as Raphael and Jordan Verdier continue the family line with their company JR Verdier, which specializes in the acquisition and development of various real estate projects, more specifically in the acquisition of private residences for seniors. The well-being of seniors is at the heart of JR Verdier’s concerns.

Here is one of their latest project realized in partnership with Les Entreprises QDM inc. and Arbec Health Group; the Serena.

JR Verdier

Being the most important project of the municipality of Saint-Lin-Laurentides to date, it is a new community for autonomous retirees with 213 units, which will open its doors at the end of 2023.

Raphaël Verdier and Jordan Verdier, associate presidents JR Verdier

The desire to share; always present!

Mr. André Verdier, born in 1937, is the last of a large family of 12 children. Today, at the age of 85, he has decided to embark on a new project; Verdier Héritage Solutions.

As the Verdier family has always carried out their projects in partnership, this is a way to help people build their personal wealth, or to benefit their children or even their grandchildren.

Each transaction of this innovative new concept is unique. Transactions at Verdier Heritage Solutions are tailored to meet the desire and need of each individual, taking into account the taxation and objectives of the parties involved.

With several decades of experience and passion for the real estate business, Mr. André Verdier has completed a wide range of projects in partnership. He wishes to perpetuate the Verdier name and culture over time while helping people, as he has always wanted to do.

Having assembled a solid and competent team, several new projects are already ready to be realized, worth several million dollars!

André Verdier, President of Verdier Heritage Solutions

“The realization of new projects requires the sharing of experience, vision, values and long-term objectives.

– André Verdier

Verdier Heritage Solutions chose Desjardins Entreprises et Gestion de Patrimoine as its strategic and financial partner mainly because of their strong presence in Quebec and their culture of sharing.

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