Valuing your heritage

With over 70 years of real estate experience, the Verdier Heritage Solutions family has the expertise to help you build maximum value for your heirs.

Our family to yours, building a world of opportunity!

Real estate investment in Quebec

For over 70 years, the Verdier family has been active in the Quebec real estate industry, acquiring, developing, managing, and building various types of properties. This deep understanding of the Quebec real estate market is the foundation of Verdier Heritage Solutions, a real estate organization that provides customized solutions for heirs seeking to maximize the value of their assets and gain peace of mind regarding real estate transactions and valuations.

Our services include property management, asset valuation, and real estate transactions.

With our expertise and commitment to exceptional service, we build on the Verdier family’s legacy in the Quebec real estate industry to provide innovative solutions for our clients.

How it works

Executors and heirs are often required to make an estate settlement. Verdier Heritage Solutions offers its clients the opportunity to maximize the value of the assets they have to liquidate through a skillful four-step process.


Assessment and Information Gathering

Engagement With a Professional

Asset Plan Development

Asset Plan Execution

The history of the Verdiers

Four generations of real estate builders

Pioneer of the Verdier family line that made the real estate business shine, Pierre-Gabriel Verdier left France in 1905 to settle in Quebec. He took root there, charmed by the beauty and the immensity of the place, and acquired land to trade. This is the beginning of the Verdier’s real estate vocation, shared by the following generations.

As the business context changed over time, they oriented their actions towards investing in different real estate sectors:

shopping centers


restaurant chains

commercial rental spaces

residential developments

The future in real estate valuation

The diversity and success of its achievements have made the Verdier family want to bring its expertise to real estate heirs. This is why it offers the valorization of real estate inheritance.

Faced with the duty to liquidate an estate, executors must make decisions for which they may not have the expertise. Verdier Heritage Solutions helps them see the big picture, maximize the value of their assets and sell them at full market value.

Verdier Heritage Solutions has over a seventy years of experience and maintains an enthusiastic passion year after year.