Family heritage

Would you like to create a legacy for your children and grandchildren during your lifetime? We can accompany you.

The advantage of preparing your family legacy in partnership with Verdier Héritage Solutions

  • Beyond a profitable partnership, heirs will be supported, mentored and educated throughout the partnership
  • Verdier Heritage Solutions provides customized solutions for the benefit of all involved
  • As an investor, you get all of your investment back (in the form of a first mortgage or preferred shares)

Giving during one’s lifetime is a winning legacy that brings many advantages, both in terms of simplifying the lives of future heirs and for the investor’s invested capital.

Example of a successful investment

In one particular case from 25 years ago, a $10,000 investment in a Canadian corporation, with shares issued directly into the children’s names, is now worth over $10 million. The investor has recovered all of his invested capital and the children still own the company that was created 25 years ago.

To invest in large-scale projects in Quebec

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Maria Caballero

Advisor to the President