Active in Québec for over 70 years, the Verdier family ACQUIRES, ENHANCES, MANAGES and DEVELOPS real estate property in Québec.

Our business activities have always been on behalf of our family or in PARTNERSHIP with other families who wish to benefit from our expertise.

Ready and willing to share its expertise, the family business deals with most aspects of real estate development for appreciation. As consultants, acquirers or specialized development partners, our team members are able to maximize the value of the assets bequeathed by deceased persons.

The raison d’être for this service is resolutely the desire to transfer knowledge and offer guidance. Verdier Heritage Solutions has created a company based on these principles, an enterprise that highlights their intrinsic values. It valorizes real estate inheritances out of respect for the work of the deceased that led to the acquisition of real estate assets and to pass on the fruits of these labours to the heirs. Our company ethos is based on sharing, perpetuation of memory and value creation.

The undeniable quality of the relationships between Verdier Heritage Solutions and its clients carries through in the interactions which unite the company and its external resources. Establishing privileged links between people is a fundamental principle for the company and those who engage with it. Clients always come out ahead through this collaboration, in addition to feeling pride in having taken proper care of family assets.

In Québec and internationally, Verdier Heritage Solutions acts as a partner, because human synergy is what drives us.

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“A constructive partnership produces a result greater than the sum of the forces applied.”

– Marc-André Verdier –

Our history

A pioneer of the Verdier line who made the real estate sector shine, Pierre-Gabriel Verdier set sail from France in 1905 to settle in Québec. He established roots, charmed by the beauty and expanse of the environs, and invested in land. This was the beginning of the real estate vocation of the Verdiers, one shared by generations to come.

As the business context changed over time, the Verdier family pursued investments in various real estate sectors:






The future of real estate asset enhancement

The diversity and success of the family’s achievements led the Verdiers to a point where the family wanted to share their expertise with heirs of real estate assets. This is why they now offer real estate inheritance enhancement services.

Faced with the obligation of liquidating an inheritance, liquidators must often make decisions for which they are unprepared. Verdier Heritage Solutions helps them see the situation clearly; maximizing the value of their assets and selling at full market value.

Verdier Heritage Solutions is backed by over a hundred years of experience, bolstered by unwavering passion and enthusiasm with every passing year.

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